Jatin Gupta
Product Designer
Experience: Augmented reality game designer,
UX designer, UX Researcher, UI developer


Here are some of the projects that I have worked on.

UI/UX design: K12 Insight Account Settings

Game design: T1DAR

Usability evaluation: UM LSA Honors

Product design: Memorabilia

Graphic/UI design samples

About me

Here are some things about me:

  • Electronics major in my undergrad. Worked as a UI developer for 2.5 years and now creating accessible and engaging interfaces.
  • I believe we should everyday try to do something that makes us afraid because fear is what brings out our true self.
  • I like to play ping pong and hope to play against Ma Long someday.
  • Went and organized free hugs.
  • Sudoku champion in undergrad for all 4 years.
  • Jumped in a river at sub-zero temperature.


I worked with Jatin on an exceptionally challenging product design project at the University of Michigan. While collaborating with him during user research, I was instantly impressed with his attitude to get his hands dirty in the field and provide the team with valuable qualitative user research data. His passion for user-centered design was reflected in his approach as he took lead in recruiting and interviewing, what can only be called one of the toughest niche users I had to deal with during academic user research, given the sensitive nature of medical patients we were trying to help with our product. I remember every time we didn't agree on a common approach, we ended up having passionate debates around the nuances of conducting user research in such scenario, and his knowledge and grasp over the UX design process became apparent. In a team of very high caliber product managers, designers, and engineers, Jatin’s passion for user-centered design left a lasting impression on me.

(Sheetanshu Bhardwaj, UX designer at Nutanix)

Jatin worked on a consulting project in my class on Project Management and Consulting. He did an incredible job, thrilling the client with a very high quality work product. He was an extremely hard worker, showed excellent initiative, was thoughtful and noticed key details to ensure project success and client satisfaction. I highly recommend him!

(Prof. Amy Cell, President and Chief Matchmaker at Amy Cell LLC)

Jatin Gupta did usability work for a project examining the use of ridehailing services by people with vision impairments. His work included both working on the research design and conducting the actual field research. Jatin has a knowledge of accessibility issues, and the experience of conducting UX work with people with disabilities. In this specific case, his work took place in a low-resource field scenario, which involved the need to be agile on adapting the research design and logistics on the ground. Jatin is a solid and patient design thinker. In my teaching and research work with Jatin, I felt that a cultivated discipline was being truly attentive -- when he works on one thing, his entire focus on that alone. This makes him a very good listener and documenter of issues in a real world UX evaluation.

(Prof. Joyojeet Pal, University of Michigan School of Information)

My passion pitch